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This article needs additional citations for verification. From Bedroom Window, Bankshead, date ben Nicholson PDF, private collection. Typical of Nicholson’s impressionist work, combining still life with landscape.

Costa Brava, 1953, Government Art Collection. A typical Nicholson landscape, from an overseas trip. Winifred Nicholson was a colourist who developed a personal impressionistic style, concentrating on domestic still life objects and landscapes. She often combined the two subjects as seen in her painting From Bedroom Window, Bankshead showing a landscape viewed through a window, with flowers in a vase in the foreground. Nicholson was born Rosa Winifred Roberts in Oxford on 21 December 1893. On 4 November 1920 she married the artist Ben Nicholson, the son of the painter Sir William Newzam Prior Nicholson and his wife, the painter Mabel Pryde.

In 1924 Nicholson, who believed that she was unable to conceive, joined the Christian Science movement, which was in vogue in Britain at that time. Kate in July 1929, and Andrew in 1931. By the time of Kate’s birth there were tensions in the marriage, and these were exacerbated by the suicide of their close friend, the painter Kit Wood, in August 1930. Although it is sometimes said incorrectly that with Ben, Winifred formed part of the artist colony at St Ives, Cornwall, she was never permanently living there. Although she painted less in the abstract style than in the representational, she did experiment with her own form of abstraction in the 1930s. Influences between her and Ben were mutual, Ben often admitting he learnt much about colour from his first wife.