De l’état Réel de la Presse et des Pamphlets PDF

Reception and publication de l’état Réel de la Presse et des Pamphlets PDF of Trotsky’s works. National Education Department, Socialist Workers Party.

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IDN  00006        Baschetti, Roberto: Peronismo e izquierda    Main entry see Chapter  7. Bianchi, Alvaro: Trotsky em português : esboço bibliográfico. IDN  00010        Bibliographie : les trotskysmes en France    Main entry see Chapter  7. Centre d’Études et de Recherches sur les Mouvements Trotskyste et Révolutionnaires Internationaux. IDN  00019        Bois, Jacqueline: Rosa Luxemburg vista da Trotsky e dai trotskisti    Main entry see Chapter  3. IDN  00020        Bois, Jacqueline: Les trotskystes et Rosa Luxemburg    Main entry see Chapter  3.

IDN  00021        Bornstein, Sam: Some notes for a bibliography of British Trotskyism    Main entry see Chapter  7. 1911-2003, photographs of Leon Trotsky and others : guide . 40 depicting Trotsky, his family and associates. Collection housed by Houghton Library, Cambridge, Mass. Buitekant, Barry: A bibliography of Trotskyist books, journals and pamphlets published in Britain in 1932-1976 located in the archives of Socialist Platform Ltd.

Amérique du Nord, Amérique Centrale et Amérique du Sud : journaux et revues. Afrique, Asie, territoires d’oute-mer : journaux et revues. A chronological list of Leon Trotsky’s published writings, 1929-40. New York, NY : Pathfinder Pr. IDN  00031        Couret, Daniel: Le trotskysme aux États-Unis    Main entry see Chapter  7.

IDN  00032        De Coninck, Rik: Beknopte historische inleiding over het trotskisme    Main entry see Chapter  7. Documents concerning the history of the Trotskyist and revolutionary movement, Jan. IDN  00038        Einige Veröffentlichungen zur Geschichte der IV. II Description of the catalogue of the exile papers — p. IV Key to geographic abbreviations — p. V Lev Trotskii’s secretaries and their periods of service — p.

X Key to political abbreviations — p. 1 Letters of Lev Trotskii — p. 224 Letters to Lev Trotskii’s secretaries — p. 267 Letters from Lev Trotskii — p. 398 Letters from Lev Trotskii’s secretaries — p. 464 Letters to Lev Sedov — p.

483 Letters from Lev Sedov — p. Inventory of the Trotsky Archive at Houghton Library, Cambridge, Mass. Fourth International bulletins and other ephemera 1930-1940 : in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. Guide to a 5 reels microfilm collection of some 60 bulletins originally publ. 20 Leo Trotskij på svenska — p.