Dystrophin: Gene, Protein and Cell Biology PDF

PBB GE Dystrophin: Gene, Protein and Cell Biology PDF 202222 s at fs. Desmin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the DES gene. 5 kD protein composed of 470 amino acids.

This book is concerned with advances in research on dystrophin, and how its absence gives rise to muscular dystrophy. It is the first book to address relationships between the molecular structure and function of dystrophin since the structure of the gene for this protein was elucidated in 1988. The volume covers recent advances in knowledge on the structure of both the dystrophin gene and its associated promoters, and on the protein itself. Functional interactions of dystrophin and its related proteins in the environment of the plasma membrane are a central feature of the book. Other aspects considered are the expression of the dystrophin complex in muscle, in the brain, and at the neuromuscular junction. The book concludes with discussions of muscle regeneration, gene therapy of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and cellular approaches to the therapy of the disease.

There are three major domains to the desmin protein: a conserved alpha helix rod, a variable non alpha helix head, and a carboxy-terminal tail. Cardiac tissue also exhibited progressive necrosis and calcification of the myocardium. In human heart failure, desmin expression is upregulated, which has been hyopthesized to be a defense mechanism in an attempt to maintain normal sarcomere alignment amidst disease pathogenesis. Desmin has been evaluated for role in assessing the depth of invasion of urothelial carcinoma in TURBT specimens.

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