» La Croix  » et l’Allemagne : 1930-1940 PDF

It is published in Paris and distributed throughout France, with a circulation of just  » La Croix  » et l’Allemagne : 1930-1940 PDF 110,000 as of 2009. It is not explicitly left or right on major political issues, rather adopting the Church’s position.

Upon its appearance in 1880, the first version of la Croix was a monthly news magazine. When the Augustinians of the Assumption who ran the paper realised that the monthly format was not getting the widespread readership they desired, they decided to convert to a daily sheet sold at one penny. Accordingly, La Croix transitioned into a daily on 16 June 1883. La Croix succeeded in bringing together certain groups of Roman Catholics who were seeking to position themselves outside of party politics and ideologies. At the end of the 19th century, it was the most widely read Roman Catholic publication in France, with a clerical readership of more than 25,000. For many years, La Croix appeared in two formats. The first was a small-format periodical aimed at popular readership, the second a large-format newspaper aimed at a more intellectual audience.