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There are many Meihuaquan that have same origins: Ganzhi Wushi Meihuazhuang, Baijiazhi Meihuaquan, Luodi Meihuaquan, Wuzi Meihuaquan, Leijia Meihuaquan, etc. It has more than a thousand-year history. This style originates with monks and belongs to the Kunlun branch of Chinese martial arts. Meihuaquan practised in the southwest part of Shandong Province. Meihuaquan that derives its name from having been practiced near Leijiacun village and spreading to the surrounding area. Meihuaquan taught on the island of Taiwan by Han Qingtang, a branch that is part of a wider system that includes other boxing styles of northern China.

Training in Meihuaquan includes the use of eighteen types of traditional weapons, some of which are rarely seen. Master Zou Hongyi came from Xuzhou, on a little chariot. The origins of the style are lost in legend. It is said that when Zhang Sansheng taught in public, there had been 100 generations of teachers before him. In many of the rural areas in which meihuazhuang has been practiced for centuries, the founding of the sect is attributed to the mythological figure Yun Pan.

Villagers often say « Meihuazhuang existed since the beginning » and folk legends claim that its history extends to the Han dynasty. There are different versions of the origins of Meihuaquan: one legend said it came from the Shaolinquan. Some Meihuaquan disciples believe that there were 100 generations of masters before the 20 who came after the Ming Dynasty. Now we know that Yang Bing is a fifth-generation master born in Neihuangxian, not in Huaxian.