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This article needs additional citations for verification. Asael was the fifth son of David and Beila Bielski, who had a total of piotr Kowalski PDF children: ten boys and two girls. He was two years younger than his brother Tuvia, who later commanded the Bielski Otriad.

With his older brothers leaving home and his father’s health deteriorating, Asael was becoming the new head of the household. As the male leader of the family, he had to arrange the marriage of his sister Tajba to an upper-class man named Avremale. Avremale had a sister named Chaja who was a high school graduate, which was rare for the time and place. Hearing that Asael needed help with bookkeeping, Chaja offered to tutor him. When Operation Barbarossa broke out, Tuvia, Zus and Asael were called up by their army units to fight against the Nazi German occupiers. After Operation Barbarossa, Asael and two of his brothers, Tuvia and Zus, went into hiding in nearby forests. Before joining them, Chaja had lived in a ghetto at first, then fled, leaving her boyfriend there.

She lived in an underground hiding spot near the home of a Christian peasant, along with her two nephews. Asael and Chaja were married shortly before the war’s end. After the Soviet occupation of the area, Asael was drafted into the Soviet Red Army, and six months later he was killed in the Battle of Königsberg of 1945. He never lived to see his daughter Assaela, whom he had fathered with Chaja. 20 years of age, or perhaps younger.

The film has been criticised in Poland due to its complete omission of all Polish aspects in the narrative, even though the setting is on territory that was part of Poland before the war and inhabited by a large number of ethnic Poles. Specifically, Tuvia was a veteran of the Polish army, and other Polish partisans were also active in the forests of present-day Belarus, but the film only presents the roles of Jews, Russians, and Germans. Cet article recense les œuvres d’art de La Défense. Defacto, l’établissement public chargé d’exploiter le site. 1883, toutes les autres œuvres sont des créations à peu près contemporaines de leur implantation à partir des années 1960.