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He was professor of harmony and composition at the Royal Academy of Music, Prelude, Fugue, Variation PDF, from 1898 to 1924, and principal from 1924 to 1936. He was a prolific composer, but made few efforts to bring his music to the notice of the general public. Glasgow, where his son grew up.

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He held the post for the next 26 years. Henry Alwyn Bevan Cole, naval architect. There were no children of the marriage. The Manchester Guardian said of his tenure that although he did not go out of his way to seek popularity among his students and staff, « his unfailing loyalty and integrity won him the respect of all those who came into touch with him ».

His widow died the following year. He bequeathed the residue of his estate to the University of Glasgow to help promote the performance of chamber music by composers of Scottish birth and descent. British symphony to be recorded for the gramophone. Dibble remarks that he was « seemingly unconcerned about the dissemination of his own works ». The Musical Times considered that his chief literary contribution was The Thought in Music: An Inquiry into the Principles of Musical Rhythm, Phrasing and Expression.

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César-Auguste Franck, gebouwd van 1780 tot 1785, gelegen in de rue Saint-Pierre te Luik. César Francks familie was afkomstig uit Neutraal Moresnet. Zijn moeder Marie-Cathérine-Barbe Frings werd geboren in Aken. Zijn vader, de bankier Nicolas-Joseph Franck, kwam uit het dorp Gemmenich in het Hertogdom Limburg. Luik, waar hij in 1834 de eerste prijs won in solfège en piano. In 1859 werd hij organist van de nieuwe Église Sainte-Clotilde, het eerste neogotische kerkgebouw van Frankrijk, waar hij op 1 december een van de mooiste instrumenten van de orgelbouwer Aristide Cavaillé-Coll inwijdde. Tot aan zijn dood bleef hij daar organist.